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Please make sure you have completed your TR1 form and sent it to the management team. You can find the form on the Documentation page

Our focus from now on will be to consolidate ownership of our land under the Management Company.

Communications relating to this have been circulated on a number of occasions since early 2019.  

Documentation relating to recent updates can be found on the Documentation page. 

This site is intended to keep all shareholders informed about the Pilgrims Vale site.  It is a place for all shareholders of the Pilgrims Vale Management Company to keep involved, communicate with fellow members, and put forward comments and suggestions.

If you are a Pilgrims Vale shareholder please sign up and join our community.

Using this web site means the Management Company can communicate more easily with everyone without having to send letters which are costly and time consuming.

We will add relevant documentation to the site, from time to time, and members can use the Blog to communicate with the Board and each other. This is a free site so storage space is limited and only the most recent documents can be made available. As we have used up most of our available space some of the older documents and comments have had to be deleted. 

                    Management Subscriptions for 2019 are now overdue      

             Management Subscriptions for 2020 are now payable.

If you do not pay your annual management subscription you are in breach of your agreement.


May 2020 - The Local Plan remains under review although the planned hearing sessions which were due to take place in May and June 2020 have now been postponed due to Covid-19. It would be to our great advantage if we could present our land as under single ownership before the end of this year, so we urge you to please send in your completed TR1 form as soon as possible.  

October 2018 Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council opened a further consultation on the Local Plan. Our land was not included but development is planned around the village of Eccles. 

On 30th September 2016 Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council opened a further consultation on the current Local Plan. This presented us with an opportunity to put our land forward and the management team responded to this consultation.
We have now received a verbal response from this consultation which was finally completed in October 2017. Please see the Blog Local Plan: The Way Forward for further details as well as the documentation from our General Meeting on the Documentation page. It is very unlikely that our site will be considered in the latest Local Plan.